Bagels After Midnight: Retrospective Video Casting Call


Hey everyone, thank you so much for being here, after all this time. I know the YouTube channel doesn’t update so much, but I wanted to let you know about a video I’ll be posting the week of the season four premiere, which is kind of a retrospective and celebration of the series. And I was hoping to include in that videos of you guys, like recorded messages just talking about what Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has meant to you as a viewer, whether you’ve felt included by the show in a way you never have been before, or just appreciate what it’s doing, anything at all you really want to say that’s personal and true.

I posted about this on Reddit last month, but just wanted to make sure I cover all my bases by mentioning it here. If you’re interested in sharing a message like that, give me an email here at


The prompt is: “What has Crazy Ex-Girlfriend meant to you?” and you can take that as broadly as you’d like.

For “aesthetic consistency,” this is just you facing the camera like any given YouTuber.

For delivery of the video file, there are a few options, and you can decide which is the least inconvenient — Google Drive, Dropbox, even YouTube itself.

For Google Drive, you’ll need a gmail account, and you can upload the file and send it as an attachment to this email address, granting me access to it.

For Dropbox, that’s a shared folder program I’ve used before and trust:

With YouTube, if you have an account, you can upload the video as “unlisted,” which means no one can access it unless they’re given the link. You can then send me that link and I can download the video.

Questions for you

So this recording can be any length, though I’ll only be able to include a few minutes of each one (theoretically) in the retrospective. Because of that, I’ll also post a separate video that’s just your recording, if you’re okay with that.

I’ll credit each contributor at the end of the video, but I’m also deciding whether I should provide a chyron during the recordings themselves. Either way, how — if at all — would you like to be credited? Obviously, anonymity is an option.

If you don’t want your face featured in a video, an audio recording would also be great.

If there are any considerations or questions I haven’t addressed here, please consider this an open line!


End of September. It’s a soft deadline, and if you miss it entirely, I can always upload your standalone video to the channel anyway.

Again, thank you so much!

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